5 Flat Belly Exercises

We all enjoy summer vacations in the beach with flat tummies exposed to the sun or going entirely shirtless; or simply, to improve the body’s physique and feel confident with ourselves. While the desire to have flat stomach appeals to everyone, having one requires a disciplined workout routine that guarantees results in the shortest time possible.
The best exercises for flat stomach are:
1. The plank
Planks are highly effective in burning fat on the stomach. Besides, they build strength on your inner core by working the upper and lower abdominal muscles.
To do this exercise, lie flat on a mat with your back facing up. Press your hands down against the floor while lifting your body up. Position your body such that you are able to support your body weight with the toes and elbows. Make sure you align the head, legs, back and neck in a straight line. Stay in this position for at least one to two minutes in every workout routine.
2. Mountain climbers
The mountain climbers majorly target your core while additionally working out your quads and arms. This exercise works through the principle of mountaineering, only that it’s performed on the floor.
Doing this exercise requires you to position your body in a plank position, but lifting your upper body by pressing against a raised rigid object. Then, bring each knee forward towards your chest and retract them back, while alternating both legs as if you are running. Vary the speed according to how it fits you.
3. Bicycle crunches
To burn down fat around the abdominal muscles and obliques, bicycle crunches are entirely resourceful. It clears fat and removes love handles within a short span of time.
In this exercise, you are required to lie flat on a mat and lift one leg – say, the left one – to position it at right angles with your upper body. Use your palms to slightly lift your head before twisting your upper body to the left. Make it as if your right elbow is touching your lifted leg. Repeat entirely using your right leg while twisting your body to the right.
4. Russian twists
This exercise removes love handles while burning fat, for a flat stomach. Besides, it strengthens your inner core while building the upper and lower abdominal muscles.
Performed in the sit ups position, repeatedly twist your upper body sideways, to the left and right while clenching the palms together directly in front of your chest. This exercise works rapidly by removing love handles before clearing stomach fat.
5. Leg raises
A conventional way of doing leg raises is lying flat on a mat with your hands against the floor, but close to the body. Other fitness experts suggest stretching the hands straight above the head or placing the palms behind the head. Either way, the routine effectively burns fat and gives a flat flat stomach nonetheless.
Getting a flat stomach requires dedication and profound discipline. Together with the will of doing these body exercises, the prospect of having a flat tummy is entirely viable.

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