5 Reasons why you need to have a Universal Paddle Holster

Your precious handgun needs a secure and flamboyant paddle holster to carry it around. Gone are the days when shoulder and leg holsters or a pancake holster would be the favourite pick for keeping your handguns.
With the availability of fancy and comfortable universal paddle holsters, it has become an inevitable accessory to possess for your gun.
Here are the 5 reasons why you need to have a Universal Paddle Holster –

paddle holster
  1. Easy to carry –
    You can eliminate the need of carrying your handgun in a bag. It is always irritating to move around with your handgun in a bag that looks conventional. You can place your handgun in a paddle holster and smartly carry it around.
  2. Wear it without a belt
    You do not need to wear a belt to carry your handgun, Paddle holsters are designed in a way that they can easily slide into the waist section of your pants. This also makes it a popular option for many, especially women who do not prefer to wear a belt.
  3. Better Security – Whether you are a retired serviceman or a professional Olympics shooter, security is the most important concern for everyone. Most of the paddle holsters come with a ledge, clip or lip to ensure friction. This helps to tightly secure the paddle holster when sliding it inside your waist.
  4. Adjustable Design
    You can adjust the ride height of your paddle holster. They offer customised options for cat and retention of handguns. Another advantage of paddle holster is that it comes with a modular design. This means that the paddle holster can be detached and replaced with a clip or belt loop.
  5. Quick slide and release
    This is the best utility of paddle holsters, not for a tuckable holster. You can conveniently slide in your gun and take it out without much effort, This makes it a must buy accessory for your handgun.

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