5 Tips On Buying Body Armor Bullet Proof Vest

A body armor bullet proof vest saves lives, especially for those in places where gun threats are considerably high. However, buying these body armor vests can be a little bit tricky especially for the first-time buyers. To get the best body armor for specific situations, you must take into consideration several things.
Here are five first-time buyers tips on buying a bulletproof vest

  1. Identify Threat levels
    The first thing that you must get right is your threat level. That is because every bulletproof vest is designed to handle specific threats. If you are seeking to protect yourself from rifle threat, then you don’t need a pistol protection armor. Therefore, you need to understand the NIJ (National Institute of Justice) standards to get the right body armor set based on threat levels.
  2. How Will You Wear Your Armor
    There are two types of bulletproof vests that you can pick from depending on how you want to wear it. If you’re a private citizen, a covert armor vest which is worn under your clothes will be the best option. No one will know that you have a bulletproof vest. You can also wear overt vests on top of your clothes. It is important to check out for two factors.
  3. Check Carriers’ Material
    Do not forget to check the type of carriers used for the production of the body armor vest. In most cases, cloth and nylon are the most widely used materials. The choice of carrier is crucial because it determines how water from sweat is absorbed. If you’re planning to wear the vest for a long time, then go for cloth carriers since they absorb water from sweat. If it’s just for a short time, then nylon carriers will be perfect.
  4. Keep Your Height in Mind
    For the bulletproof vest to fit and protect you properly, it must be of the right size. It shouldn’t be too short or too long. That is why your height will be a crucial factor to consider when buying a body armor set.
  5. Gender
    ast but not least is your gender. It is important that you buy a body armor bulletproof vest for your gender. There are special female vests designed to fit a female body. So you need to get the issue of gender correct.
    If you are buying body armor bullet proof vest for the first, consider these factors. You must also take into consideration the issue of maintenance cost. The trick is to ensure that you are not overspending on the body armor.

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