Dental implants: what you need to know

In recent years dentistry has evolved rapidly and extraordinarily. This evolution has had a special place in the aesthetic area. In the past people who wanted to have a nice smile should undergo painful, extensive treatments with results of dubious quality. Today millions of people around the globe turn to dental implants to look better. The best dental implants are the artificial replacement of a missing tooth. They are titanium metallic elements that are located under the gum, in the jaw bones, through surgical intervention. The dentist then places the prostheses to replace the missing dental parts. These prostheses never move, which generates a great tranquility in the patient, who can eat and laugh carelessly.

Anyone in good health is eligible for dental implants. Contrary to what people imagine, these artificial tooth replacements do not generate pain during surgery or after surgery. What is true is that DENTAL IMPLANTS can produce discomfort, bruising, swelling, burning or a little bleeding. All these mild problems can be solved by taking the painkillers that are prescribed by the dentist. The patient can return to normal life one week after this surgery.

The implant takes some time to completely adhere to the bone, depending on each patient. This period varies between three and six months. Once this time has elapsed, the definitive prostheses are placed, which may be fixed or removable.

Once the process is complete, the patient must follow a strict oral hygiene routine, just as they would if they had natural teeth. Unfortunately, many people do not clean their teeth properly, which can lead to tooth loss. The same goes for dental implants, if they are not properly cleaned they could be lost. Dental implants not only generate aesthetic benefits, but they also contribute to good chewing and general tooth health.

This process is not recommended for people with serious diseases, who are taking certain remedies, teenagers or pregnant women.

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