Do I need a bulletproof vest? The complete guide

Do I need a bulletproof vest? The complete guide

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We all know that a bulletproof vest is a protective gear that safeguards us from bullets or any other weapons. However, do bulletproof vests work? And if they do, do I need to buy a bulletproof vest? Well, lets us take a closer look to help you decide.

Do bulletproof vests work?

This is quite a common question that has sparked a lot of debate in the recent past. The plain truth is that bulletproof vests work to protect you from getting injured. However, note that they cover your torso region only, which leaves the rest of your body unprotected.

A bulletproof vest works by distributing a bullet’s energy when it hits you over a wide area. Chances of penetration are, therefore, significantly reduced during a gunfire exchange. Wearing a bulletproof vest also decreases the blunt force trauma when you get hit by a bullet through the deformation of the slug.

Buying a bulletproof vest

Before you decide to buy a bulletproof vest, there are certain things that you have to consider. The first thing is whether you need to have a bulletproof vest in the first place. Understand that these vests are designed for security officers, private security, and law enforcers to protect them against gunfire.

Secondly, note that bulletproof vests do not guarantee 100% protection. These vests are more of bullet-resistant rather than bulletproof. Wearing one does not mean that you need to put yourself at risk of getting shot.


Buying a bulletproof vest is not as easy as you might think. Understand that there are different classes of bulletproof vests. You get the option of choosing between woven Kevlar, ceramic plates, steel plates, and other materials. Ensure that you conduct extensive research on the different types before making a purchase.

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