Easy Steps of Car Key Programming

You will agree that electronic car keys are a convenient way to unlock and use your car. Besides, they serve securely in keeping the car protected from thieves. But do you really know an easy method of car key programming? Well, below are detailed steps of your car key programming.

Car Key Programming

The first step requires you to sit in the driver’s seat to access your car’s ignition switch. This helps you to link the keys to the systems of your car. Before you start programming your car key, you need two working keys so that you can fix or make a third key.

The second step follows when you are in the driver’s seat. You should insert the programmed key into the car’s ignition. Let the key remain in the slot for some time. The other keys should be in a place where you can easily access them while you move fast to activate your car’s programming mode.

The third step of the car key programming involves turning on and off the car. You should turn the key placed in the ignition without starting the motor. When you turn the key to the position, the electrical system will be activated. Turn the key back immediately to shut off the car.

In step four, you should turn your car on and off using your second working key. Move the first key in approximately 5 seconds. Place the second programmed key in the ignition and turn the key but avoid starting the engine. Then turn back the key to shut off the car.

Insert the third key and turn it in step five. In about 10 seconds, replace your second key using the unprogrammed key. Turn the key on again and back in about one second to the off status. Do not remove the key in the ignition.

Finally, let the security light turn on at the car’s dashboard. The security light should remain lit for three seconds. Some car models may require you to press the buttons for the keys you require programming. When done, remove and test out your programmed key. It should be working.
Car Key programming is that easy.

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